Saturday smash ’em up

Here I am, tardily posting a fight for the second week in a row. I was totally banking on a Flyers’ win, and had some Broad Street Bullies clips set up, but alas. Anyway, the original purpose of this feature was to post Wings fights, so post a Wings fight I shall. My new favorite Youtube user is proberthull24 – pretty self-explanatory, yeah? This guy (or girl, not sure) has uploaded 515 videos, and 99% of them are hockey fights. Obviously, most of them involve Bob Probert. But I found this one between two guys who were, at one point in time, two of my favorite players. And they’ll always hold a special place in my heart, even though one is now playing for the Capitals (the Vienna Capitals, that is…. in the Austrian Hockey League… what. the. eff.), and the other is completely washed up.

Introducing….Darryl Bootland vs. Darcy Tucker:

According to the expertise of Youtube commentors, Tucker emerged victorious. This actually isn’t that great of a fight, but after finding out that Bootland’s in the freaking Austrian Hockey League, I feel obligated to give this poor guy some exposure/props. You were good in your time, Darryl!


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