Risin’ up from the ashes

March 25, 2011

YO, BLOG. I’m feeling a sudden pang of regret for not updating this thing in 8 months, soooo….

I decided I am going to start posting again, JUST IN TIME FOR THE PLAYOFFS!

Get excited.


Classy, except still not classy

June 22, 2010

Today I woke up to GREAT news: the Blackhawks confirmed their appearance in this year’s Chicago Gay Pride Parade.

Again, great news. Chicago has a Gay Hockey Association, which is very cool and groundbreaking. I’m 99% sure Detroit doesn’t have an association like that. But the title of that article, “Hawks bringing Cup to Pride Parade,” is a bit misleading.

Brent Sopel is bringing the Cup to the parade, not multiple, plural Hawks.

For as much as I didn’t want to read the comments on that article (never fails to blow my mind how insensitive and stupid some people are), I couldn’t help myself. I was sort of surprised that no one commented about being disappointed that only Sopel will be showing up. If the Wings won the Cup and Detroit had a Pride Parade, and if, say, Brad Stuart brought the Cup, as a Wings fan I’d be a little disappointed that none of the other guys showed up.

Maybe I’m the insensitive and stupid one here, but my instincts tell me that Sopel isn’t the person responsible for writing “Chris Pronger is gay.” My money’s on one of the guys in that picture as the perpetrator.

Don’t get me wrong, I am VERY impressed by Brent Sopel. He’s the best example of “classy” in this story, along with Hawks President John McDonough. And after all, I’m pretty sure the parade-goers will be much more interested in Lord Stanley than Sopel.

My guilty pleasure….

June 14, 2010

Ahhh, summertime. Winding down almost every night with the boys of summer, being oh-so-slightly annoyed with Kenny Holland, and watching my hopes skyrocket for the Leafs next season. Yep, the Toronto Maple Leafs. My guilty pleasure. My dirty little secret. Although, it is neither dirty — more like embarrassing — nor a secret — a few weeks ago I was proudly strutting around town in my fave Leafs vintage tee and who do I run into at the grocery store? This guy. Haven’t wanted the floor to open up and swallow me so much since middle school.

But I love the Leafs. I think it’s good — healthy — to have a second team when you’re dangerously passionate and somewhat crazy. Puts things in perspective. When the Wings were in 9th or 10th place this past season, I wasn’t as upset as a lot of other Wings fans. The Leafs were always in worse shape.

Anyway, BIG Leafs news today! Nothing earth-shattering, and it’s more ceremonious than purposeful, but that’s another thing with the Leafs. News like the naming of a new captain is almost parade-worthy, because it’s a change from the usual media-bashing, depressing news we’re subjected to.

And I guess this is really kind of a two-part news story: first, Phaneuf has officially been named Captain, and second, his C will be printed on a newly designed Leafs jersey. Again, nothing earth-shattering, because it’s basically just bringing back the vintage design. Here’s Puck Daddy’s take on both stories coming out of TO today.

Disclaimer: This post is very half-assed

June 13, 2010

Next week needs to be here, like, yesterday. Not only will I be finished with school for the year, but there will FINALLY be some hockey related content on TV (I am already so sick of soccer, who’s with me? *crickets*).

The always amusing NHL Awards are on June 23, while the sometimes equally as amusing NHL Draft takes place on the 25-26th. The NHL Awards have always been one of my favorite parts of summer. Granted, they used to be a lot better, before Gary tried to screw them up. He moved them from Toronto to the hockey hotbed of….wait for it….Las Vegas, Nevada. The ridiculous thing is — are the Awards even broadcast in the U.S.? I always watch them on CBC, so I’m honestly not sure. And even if they are, how many people in Vegas are going to sit down to watch them? 2, possibly — that is the correct answer. And seriously, how many Las Vegas residents are going to buy $300 tickets to the Awards?? UGH, anyyyyway.

Here are my (highly debatable) predictions for the winners of these prestigious awards.



  • Sidney Crosby
  • Alex Ovechkin
  • Henrik Sedin

Who should win: Ovechkin

Who will win: Ovechkin



  • Martin Brodeur
  • Ryan Miller
  • Ilya Bryzgalov

Who should win: Ryan Miller

Who will win: Ilya Bryzgalov



  • Mike Green
  • Duncan Keith
  • Drew Doughty

Who should win: Nick Lidstrom (what can I say? It feels weird to not see his name on the list.)

Who will win: Duncan Noteeth Keith



  • Matt Duchene
  • Jimmy Howard
  • Tyler Myers

Who should win: Jimmy, DUH.

Who will win: I really don’t want to think about anyone other than Jimmy winning.



  • Pavel Datsyuk
  • Brad Richards
  • Martin St. Louis

Who should win: Datsyuk

Who will win: Datsyuk



  • Pavel Datsyuk
  • Ryan Kesler
  • Jordan Staal

Who should win: Datsyuk

Who will win: Probably not Datsyuk, sadly. I’ll go with Kesler.



    • Dave Tippett
    • Joe Sacco
    • Barry Trotz

    Who should win: Dave Tippett

    Who will win: Toss up between Tippett and Joe Sacco

    I’m going to skip the Masterton and Ted Lindsay Awards. I told ya, half-assed!

    Someone seriously better keep an eye on Pat Kane; can you imagine his reaction to losing money at a casino? Watch out, Las Vegas.

    Saturday smash ’em up

    June 12, 2010

    Here I am, tardily posting a fight for the second week in a row. I was totally banking on a Flyers’ win, and had some Broad Street Bullies clips set up, but alas. Anyway, the original purpose of this feature was to post Wings fights, so post a Wings fight I shall. My new favorite Youtube user is proberthull24 – pretty self-explanatory, yeah? This guy (or girl, not sure) has uploaded 515 videos, and 99% of them are hockey fights. Obviously, most of them involve Bob Probert. But I found this one between two guys who were, at one point in time, two of my favorite players. And they’ll always hold a special place in my heart, even though one is now playing for the Capitals (the Vienna Capitals, that is…. in the Austrian Hockey League… what. the. eff.), and the other is completely washed up.

    Introducing….Darryl Bootland vs. Darcy Tucker:

    According to the expertise of Youtube commentors, Tucker emerged victorious. This actually isn’t that great of a fight, but after finding out that Bootland’s in the freaking Austrian Hockey League, I feel obligated to give this poor guy some exposure/props. You were good in your time, Darryl!

    Armando Galarraga: no longer just a cool name

    June 6, 2010

    Over the past few days, I’ve tried to write a meaningful post about Armando Galarraga’s perfect-with-an-asterisk-mark game, with my own angle on the situation. And I just keep failing to come up with something satisfactory. It makes sense, I suppose, seeing as this is first and foremost a hockey blog, and first and foremost, hockey is my passion. But I did include “Detroit” in the title of this blog for a reason. While Wings fans lovingly call it Hockeytown, I realized a few years ago that, sure, we love hockey because the ground is frozen a good five months every year, but I’ve never seen the city so animated and so joyous as in the fall of 2006, when the Tigers made it to the World Series. And no one can argue with the fact that Opening Day in Detroit is an unofficial holiday (whereas, in my opinion, “Hockeytown” really doesn’t come alive until the playoffs).

    Before this gets too waaaay over the top on the corny factor, I’ll switch gears. My problem with writing about the Galarraga/Joyce situation is that 1) this topic has already been covered extensively (and brilliantly), not to mention it has it’s own Wikipedia page and 2) I just don’t know enough about baseball to even begin to delve into the instant replay debate.

    And, honestly, I missed the first 7 innings of the game (because I was in blogging class, HAH!…also because the game only lasted an hour and 44 minutes!). Watching the end of the game was simultaneously heartbreaking and awesome, as I think anyone watching it can attest to. And I may have rashly joined one of the 95835 anti-Jim Joyce Facebook groups that popped up within 5 seconds after he called Donald safe at 1st, but have since “unliked” that group.

    After everything, this really turned into one of, if not THE, coolest sports stories of the year. There are so many (happy) images that Tigers fans, and a lot of non-Tigers fans, will never forget: Galarraga’s glowing, unshakable smile, Alex Avila hugging the heck out of Galarraga after the 28th out, Jim Joyce wiping away tears and Galarraga handing him the lineup card the next afternoon, Leyland’s choked up “I’m so proud of Detroit fans” postgame interview.

    Rod Allen said that Galarraga credited his amazingly cool-headed reaction to his dad’s calm disposition. And, I mean, there’s also the fact that he had just pitched 26 consecutive outs. The residual anger from the game’s outcome might never fully die down, but it’s time to “unlike” all those mean-spirited Facebook groups.

    Thursday Thrashing on a Friday

    June 4, 2010

    Hopefully the days are blurring together for everyone and no one noticed that I forgot to post a fight yesterday.

    To make up for it, here’s two fights. One of them is totally random and the other is…also pretty random.

    In honor of Holmstrom signing a 2-year contract, I originally looked up “Tomas Holmstrom fight.” If you can believe it, he actually has been in some “fights”. And I love Homer, but no way, I’m not posting those. Via that search, somehow Youtube linked me to this fight between Dave Hannan and Mats Sundin. It kinda made my day.

    The camera work is atrocious, but there’s a part where Mats shoves his way through the scrum (around :22) that is just DELIGHTFUL. Mats sort of gets owned, but it’s a pretty decent fight.

    The next one is more relevant, I guess, but then again not really. I was just thinking about my favorite playoff moments from the past decade or so, and if I exclude all the obvious Wings related memories, the one that immediately came to mind was the fight between Jerome Iginla and Vinny Lecavalier in the ’04 finals.

    Mostly I’m just posting this with the hope for a little more excitement in Hawks/Flyers series. Rematch anyone?


    June 2, 2010

    In the words of @jessespector on Twitter: Congratulations to Armando Galarraga on throwing the first 28-out perfect game in major league history.

    My heart hurts.


    This makes my heart feel a little better. It’s really a shame that Austin Jackson’s spectacular catch is being overshadowed. Also, Rod Allen’s reaction, oh my god. Every time I watch this I tear up — in the good way. Let’s just pretend this is how the game ended.

    Battle de los annoying songs

    May 30, 2010

    Welp, I think we all realize now that this year’s Stanley Cup Finals between the Philadelphia Flyers and the Chicago Blackhawks is hardly a battle between two star goaltenders, nor any kind of defensive battle. But these teams definitely have one thing in common – HIGHLY ANNOYING goal songs. And apparently we will be hearing them a lot in this series. Fantastic.

    When the Hawks score at their beloved Madhouse on Madison, the place erupts with the mind-numbing song “Chelsea Dagger” by The Fratellis. I had the pleasure of attending a game at the United Center during last year’s conference finals (game 3 – the Wings only loss of the series, ugh!), and I taped a bit of the ridiculous celebration.

    *eye roll*

    At the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, their goal celebrations are dedicated to all the Philly brahs and home boys in the crowd when they play “Bro Hymn” by Pennywise. I think just about everyone rocked out to “Bro Hymn” back in the day (no? that was just me? um.), but seriously, Philly? It’s not even the original, it’s like a hyper Pennywise-on-speed version. At least we won’t have to hear them obnoxiously mock a Montreal tradition anymore.

    I’d give anything to hear a raucous Joe Louis Arena version of “Don’t Stop Believin'” right about now.

    New weekly feature! Thursday, ummm, Thrashings?

    May 27, 2010

    My dad and I just spent a good half an hour watching old hockey fights on Youtube. I’m absolutely convinced I was born in the wrong time period, because of things like my taste in music, my adoration for literature (damn kids just don’t read these days), and my conviction that hockey is not hockey without fighting.

    Thus I’ve decided to start a new weekly feature wherein I post an old Wings fight or brawl every Thursday. I could put this off until tomorrow and just call the feature Friday Fights, but that’s boring. Someone go look at a thesaurus for me and come up with a catchier title than Thursday Thrasings, k thanks.

    Tonight’s Thrashing comes from a game between the Wings and the Nashville Predators. I definitely remember watching this one, and want to say it occurred during the 2003-2004 season, but I’m too lazy to look it up. This game included a whole slew of fights. Here were the match-ups:

    1. Darren McCarty vs. Jeremy Stevenson

    2. Mathieu Dandenault vs. Jordin Tootoo (Dandy for the win!)

    3. Chris Chelios vs. Adam Hall / Kirk Maltby vs. Scott Walker (not really)

    4. Stevie Y. getting thrown out of the game (!!!!)

    5. Brendan Shanahan vs. Adam Hall

    6. Poor Dandenault clinging on for dear life vs. Jeremy Stevenson

    7. The grand finale: Darren McCarty vs. Jaime Allison (if you don’t want to watch a 9 minute video, just watch this fight – around the 8 minute mark)

    …I miss those days (although every time I see Dave Lewis I feel ill).