Disclaimer: This post is very half-assed

Next week needs to be here, like, yesterday. Not only will I be finished with school for the year, but there will FINALLY be some hockey related content on TV (I am already so sick of soccer, who’s with me? *crickets*).

The always amusing NHL Awards are on June 23, while the sometimes equally as amusing NHL Draft takes place on the 25-26th. The NHL Awards have always been one of my favorite parts of summer. Granted, they used to be a lot better, before Gary tried to screw them up. He moved them from Toronto to the hockey hotbed of….wait for it….Las Vegas, Nevada. The ridiculous thing is — are the Awards even broadcast in the U.S.? I always watch them on CBC, so I’m honestly not sure. And even if they are, how many people in Vegas are going to sit down to watch them? 2, possibly — that is the correct answer. And seriously, how many Las Vegas residents are going to buy $300 tickets to the Awards?? UGH, anyyyyway.

Here are my (highly debatable) predictions for the winners of these prestigious awards.



  • Sidney Crosby
  • Alex Ovechkin
  • Henrik Sedin

Who should win: Ovechkin

Who will win: Ovechkin



  • Martin Brodeur
  • Ryan Miller
  • Ilya Bryzgalov

Who should win: Ryan Miller

Who will win: Ilya Bryzgalov



  • Mike Green
  • Duncan Keith
  • Drew Doughty

Who should win: Nick Lidstrom (what can I say? It feels weird to not see his name on the list.)

Who will win: Duncan Noteeth Keith



  • Matt Duchene
  • Jimmy Howard
  • Tyler Myers

Who should win: Jimmy, DUH.

Who will win: I really don’t want to think about anyone other than Jimmy winning.



  • Pavel Datsyuk
  • Brad Richards
  • Martin St. Louis

Who should win: Datsyuk

Who will win: Datsyuk



  • Pavel Datsyuk
  • Ryan Kesler
  • Jordan Staal

Who should win: Datsyuk

Who will win: Probably not Datsyuk, sadly. I’ll go with Kesler.



    • Dave Tippett
    • Joe Sacco
    • Barry Trotz

    Who should win: Dave Tippett

    Who will win: Toss up between Tippett and Joe Sacco

    I’m going to skip the Masterton and Ted Lindsay Awards. I told ya, half-assed!

    Someone seriously better keep an eye on Pat Kane; can you imagine his reaction to losing money at a casino? Watch out, Las Vegas.


    One Response to “Disclaimer: This post is very half-assed”

    1. Cody Says:

      HA! The Pat Kane joke

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