Classy, except still not classy

Today I woke up to GREAT news: the Blackhawks confirmed their appearance in this year’s Chicago Gay Pride Parade.

Again, great news. Chicago has a Gay Hockey Association, which is very cool and groundbreaking. I’m 99% sure Detroit doesn’t have an association like that. But the title of that article, “Hawks bringing Cup to Pride Parade,” is a bit misleading.

Brent Sopel is bringing the Cup to the parade, not multiple, plural Hawks.

For as much as I didn’t want to read the comments on that article (never fails to blow my mind how insensitive and stupid some people are), I couldn’t help myself. I was sort of surprised that no one commented about being disappointed that only Sopel will be showing up. If the Wings won the Cup and Detroit had a Pride Parade, and if, say, Brad Stuart brought the Cup, as a Wings fan I’d be a little disappointed that none of the other guys showed up.

Maybe I’m the insensitive and stupid one here, but my instincts tell me that Sopel isn’t the person responsible for writing “Chris Pronger is gay.” My money’s on one of the guys in that picture as the perpetrator.

Don’t get me wrong, I am VERY impressed by Brent Sopel. He’s the best example of “classy” in this story, along with Hawks President John McDonough. And after all, I’m pretty sure the parade-goers will be much more interested in Lord Stanley than Sopel.


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