My guilty pleasure….

Ahhh, summertime. Winding down almost every night with the boys of summer, being oh-so-slightly annoyed with Kenny Holland, and watching my hopes skyrocket for the Leafs next season. Yep, the Toronto Maple Leafs. My guilty pleasure. My dirty little secret. Although, it is neither dirty — more like embarrassing — nor a secret — a few weeks ago I was proudly strutting around town in my fave Leafs vintage tee and who do I run into at the grocery store? This guy. Haven’t wanted the floor to open up and swallow me so much since middle school.

But I love the Leafs. I think it’s good — healthy — to have a second team when you’re dangerously passionate and somewhat crazy. Puts things in perspective. When the Wings were in 9th or 10th place this past season, I wasn’t as upset as a lot of other Wings fans. The Leafs were always in worse shape.

Anyway, BIG Leafs news today! Nothing earth-shattering, and it’s more ceremonious than purposeful, but that’s another thing with the Leafs. News like the naming of a new captain is almost parade-worthy, because it’s a change from the usual media-bashing, depressing news we’re subjected to.

And I guess this is really kind of a two-part news story: first, Phaneuf has officially been named Captain, and second, his C will be printed on a newly designed Leafs jersey. Again, nothing earth-shattering, because it’s basically just bringing back the vintage design. Here’s Puck Daddy’s take on both stories coming out of TO today.


2 Responses to “My guilty pleasure….”

  1. mcconmar Says:

    Small world! My boyfriend played hockey for Detroit Catholic Central and Ken Holland’s son Greg was on his team! hah crazy

    • Claire Says:

      Oh, wow! That’s really cool. Was it nerve-wracking for you boyfriend to play in front of Ken Holland when he came to games? I’d be shitting my pants. haha.

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