Thursday Thrashing on a Friday

Hopefully the days are blurring together for everyone and no one noticed that I forgot to post a fight yesterday.

To make up for it, here’s two fights. One of them is totally random and the other is…also pretty random.

In honor of Holmstrom signing a 2-year contract, I originally looked up “Tomas Holmstrom fight.” If you can believe it, he actually has been in some “fights”. And I love Homer, but no way, I’m not posting those. Via that search, somehow Youtube linked me to this fight between Dave Hannan and Mats Sundin. It kinda made my day.

The camera work is atrocious, but there’s a part where Mats shoves his way through the scrum (around :22) that is just DELIGHTFUL. Mats sort of gets owned, but it’s a pretty decent fight.

The next one is more relevant, I guess, but then again not really. I was just thinking about my favorite playoff moments from the past decade or so, and if I exclude all the obvious Wings related memories, the one that immediately came to mind was the fight between Jerome Iginla and Vinny Lecavalier in the ’04 finals.

Mostly I’m just posting this with the hope for a little more excitement in Hawks/Flyers series. Rematch anyone?


3 Responses to “Thursday Thrashing on a Friday”

  1. ronniejc Says:

    Love the fights that you post on the blog. Is it okay that I laugh at the blogs?

  2. Gina Says:

    ahahaha I love looking at violence… perhaps that’s a bad thing, but thank you for feeding the beast! 😉

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