New weekly feature! Thursday, ummm, Thrashings?

My dad and I just spent a good half an hour watching old hockey fights on Youtube. I’m absolutely convinced I was born in the wrong time period, because of things like my taste in music, my adoration for literature (damn kids just don’t read these days), and my conviction that hockey is not hockey without fighting.

Thus I’ve decided to start a new weekly feature wherein I post an old Wings fight or brawl every Thursday. I could put this off until tomorrow and just call the feature Friday Fights, but that’s boring. Someone go look at a thesaurus for me and come up with a catchier title than Thursday Thrasings, k thanks.

Tonight’s Thrashing comes from a game between the Wings and the Nashville Predators. I definitely remember watching this one, and want to say it occurred during the 2003-2004 season, but I’m too lazy to look it up. This game included a whole slew of fights. Here were the match-ups:

1. Darren McCarty vs. Jeremy Stevenson

2. Mathieu Dandenault vs. Jordin Tootoo (Dandy for the win!)

3. Chris Chelios vs. Adam Hall / Kirk Maltby vs. Scott Walker (not really)

4. Stevie Y. getting thrown out of the game (!!!!)

5. Brendan Shanahan vs. Adam Hall

6. Poor Dandenault clinging on for dear life vs. Jeremy Stevenson

7. The grand finale: Darren McCarty vs. Jaime Allison (if you don’t want to watch a 9 minute video, just watch this fight – around the 8 minute mark)

…I miss those days (although every time I see Dave Lewis I feel ill).


One Response to “New weekly feature! Thursday, ummm, Thrashings?”

  1. Cody Says:

    Why was there no Atlanta Thrasher reference in your Thursday Thrashings?

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