Hockey hockey everywhere!

This sort of boggles my mind.

Tomorrow, Sunday May 23rd, hockey fans have a veritable hockey smörgåsbord (probably not the best term since Sweden got eliminated today) to look forward to. Plug in your laptops, turn on your TV, and ignore that huge project for school due Monday! These are some HUGE games, too, so don’t feel too bad about procrastinating (<< what I’ll be telling myself).

So here’s tomorrow’s crazy awesome schedule:

10 a.m. EST: IIHF Bronze Medal Game, Sweden vs. Germany

Yeah, the International Ice Hockey Federation’s World Championship has been going on for about a month now. I really commend everyone who has sat squinting in front of their computer monitors at grainy feeds. Can’t say I’ve made anywhere near that type of commitment, but it sounds like Germany has been a great host, and it’s cool they have a shot for bronze.

2:15 p.m. EST: IIHF Gold Medal Game, Russia vs. Czech Republic


3 p.m. 7 p.m. EST: Memorial Cup Championship Final, Windsor Spitfires vs. Brandon Wheat Kings

This is, without a doubt, the game I am most looking forward to. Brandon’s the obvious underdog, but they’re the host city and their fans are LOUD. And then there’s Windsor. Going for back-to-back Memorial Cup Championships. I’m torn, because Windsor’s right across the border and I’ve had many a good time in Windsor, including going to a Spits’ game at their beautiful new arena! But Brandon! And Wheat Kings! And one of my favorite songs ever!

3 p.m. EST: San Jose Sharks vs. Chicago Blackhawks Game 4

Chicago has the opportunity to sweep the Sharks and move on to the Stanley Cup Finals. Bleh.


2 Responses to “Hockey hockey everywhere!”

  1. Tsu-ya Says:

    This is a really comprehensive blog post, how do you keep up on the information to keep you blog so up to date?

    Do you keep up with like a internet sports page or do you read the paper?

    Mine is about family, but I try to interject health related topics, but most are ones I have already know about.

    Just wondering.

    • Claire Says:

      My routine has been a little something like this for the past, oh, ever since I can remember: check the hockey news on,, Yahoo! sports, Twitter (definitely a way more recent part of my routine) first thing in the morning and throughout the day (sometimes obsessive-compulsively), then on days when there are games, I watch any and all hockey games (including pre-game and post-game shows) as I possibly can. Just like family/health is your life, hockey consumes a LARGE part of mine. But I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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