This one time I had tickets to the Tigers game, didn’t go because of homework, and then a whole group of Red Wings showed up at Comerica

[picture courtesy of Official_Tigers twitter account]

I’m pretty sure if some kind of highly contagious virus went around the Tigers dugout (the original source most likely would be Dontrelle Willis), rendering almost everyone too ill to play, and Nick Lidstrom had to go out there and pick up a bat, he would get a home run. OK, at least a walk. He is Nick Lidstrom, after all. And how good does he look in that old English D? Nick and the D – it’s like they were made for each other! (hint hint.)

Mario Impemba and Rod Allen interviewed Jimmy Howard up in the broadcast booth in the 3rd and when Rod asked Jimmy if he played any baseball, Jimmy enthusiastically replied “yeah! I did play baseball! until I was 10!” HAHA oh Jimmy. Too much cuteness in one little, 12-year-old looking goalie. He also sounded kind of sniffy – I mean, as in sick. Not sad or anything. Hopefully he’ll be healthy enough for his appearance at Perani’s in Livonia next Tuesday!

Since last Saturday, I’ve been sort of avoiding hockey. Especially the Chicago/Vancouver series …I went from mildly disliking those teams at the beginning of this season to completely detesting both teams. However, I am looking forward to Chicago/San Jose, if for no other reason other than Versteeg and Pavelski realizing they were separated at birth and then joining forces to reunite their parents. I’ve obviously watched (the Lindsay Lohan version of) The Parent Trap one time too many. Anyway, the Sharks have had plenty of time to rest (you’re effing welcome), so I’m expecting them to dominate the Hawks.

Montreal’s game 7 win over Pittsburgh last night actually gave Wings fans something to cheer about. It eases the pain to know the Penguins won’t be seeing any Round 3 action either. While I’m cheering for the Habs to go all the way, I’m a little concerned for the city of Montreal. If this and this (!!!! wow) and this (“Dude, no offense, but these are Montreal trees – they’re not that stable”) happened just after winning the Conference Semi’s, who knows what will transpire if they continue deeper into the playoffs. Actually, I have a pretty good idea of what would happen. And it would be awesome.


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