If you say anything negative about the Wings right now I’mma cut you

And so ends possibly the most rollercoaster-y, gut-wrenching, unpredictable season ever. With all the lows came some incredible highs, and probably THE most incredible high had to be Jimmy. Kid, we love ya. Please don’t get too down on yourself. We made it to Game 5 of the Conference Semi’s because of you – no one can argue with that.

On a selfish note, I couldn’t’ve emotionally handled 2 more of those games anyway.

Here’s to a great summer, boys, and to lots of razors and shaving cream. See you in October (including you, o Captain our Captain!).


2 Responses to “If you say anything negative about the Wings right now I’mma cut you”

  1. bryntlyshane Says:

    I really commend you for being passionate about your home team. I have no idea how to be that committed to something like this, I don’t have a TV first of all (did you see that listed on the blog “stuff white people like”…LOL, but honestly I don’t have one.

    How old were you when you fell in love with them? (I was skimming I apologize if you already said the answer to that!)

    • Claire Says:

      I wouldn’t recommend being obsessed with a sports team…too much unnecessary pain and drama 🙂 On the other hand, the lows your team go through are low, but the highs? It may be vicarious and irrational or whatever, but there’s nothing in the world like watching those high moments.

      The Red Wings were always on when I was growing up as my dad is a huge hockey fan, and I definitely remember watching the playoff runs in ’97 and ’98 (back-to-back Stanley Cups!), but I’d say my obsession began during the 2002 season/playoff run (we won the Cup that year too). I was in 7th grade. I blame my hockey love on two factors: Brett Hull (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brett_Hull) and fights. I’m not a violent person but show me a great hockey fight and my heart swells.

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