Sharks vs. Wings Game 4, Call me for your free psychic reading?

This morning I woke up and thought, today’s the day to support #93 and wear my nearly-forgotten Mule shirt. It took some searching to find it in my closet because I’m pretty sure I haven’t worn it since last year’s playoffs. This thing doesn’t even really fit me, but as I just lounged around the house all day anxiously awaiting puck-drop and since I wanted to send as much positive energy and mojo Franzen’s way, let’s just say the shirt fit. And boy, oh BOY. I am still a little freaked out by the Mule’s 4-goal, 6-point night. But mostly, I’m relieved and ecstatic.

The last time I saw a natural hat-trick was in a Wings away game I went to in Columbus a couple years ago. Guess who scored 3 in the first period in that game? Williams! I am totally not making this up. But yeah, Franzen’s natural hatty tonight? Exponentially more epic.

Nabokov left the first period (and the game) with a .444 GAA. I’d normally be complaining about the Wings only firing 9 shots in one period, but hey! Before the onslaught began, there was a gigantic penalty kill in the first minute or so of the game after a RIDICULOUSLY STUPID too-many-men penalty. Something as sloppy as that is just unacceptable in a do-or-die game, even in the first minute. The outcome of this game really hinged on that PK. All the discombobulation that plagued us in the first 3 games of this series resulted from frustration and had a kind of snowball effect. Tonight, San Jose experienced exactly that. 49 minutes worth of penalties later….They were the definition of discombobulation tonight (sorry I just really like using that word!). It’ll be interesting to see how the Sharks respond in Game 5 and how composed they can stay, especially if they give up the first goal or two. At the same time, it’ll be interesting (by interesting I mean as nerve-wracking as heeeeelllllll) to see how the Wings play in the DUN-DUN-DUUUN SCARRRY Shark Tank. Really, that’s supposed to be sarcasm, but not sure how well I’m pulling it off, given the circumstances.

I actually went to Game 3, courtesy of surprise tickets from my dad (aww!!), and had a crap load of well, crap, to type – keyboard smashily – into this blog, but I just need to forget all those thoughts, delete the incoherent texts I sent to myself while I was losing my mind that were supposed to remind me what to write about, and just keep looking forward.

Ending on a happy note, Pierre LeBrun tweeted earlier that Babcock said Stuart will be ready to go for game 5. Thank you, Hockey Gods.


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