This Is Not A Love Song – Wings vs. Sharks Game 1

Title thanks to the PiL concert I attended last night. Johnny Rotten explains my feelings toward hockey right now.

I do love hockey. Really. I think. Wings fans all over the place are berating the referees involved in Game 1 of conference semi’s right now, and, moreover, questioning the NHL as a whole. Of course, this is just carrying over from our Round 1 frustrations and conspiracy theories. When you’re a Wings fan, that’s what you do. Especially when you’re watching VS. Guys, I would take 10 Eddie Olczyk’s over Daryl “probably just ate some spackle” Reaugh any day. That’s saying A LOT.

If it wasn’t just game 1/if I wasn’t so drunk (this was supposed to be a celebratory drunk, not a pissed off raging intoxication), I’d say more about the theatrical/comedic nature of toinght’s game (it’s not just a conspiracy ‘gainst the Wings, trust me, it’s a much bigger issue). But ya know what? We had chances – a lot of ’em – to come back and tie it up. We just couldn’t capitalize even though a lot of guys really stepped up and grinded and hustled throughout the game.

Example numero uno) Dan Cleary. This guy nearly got his head taken off my one of Rob Blake’s massive, gross thighs but came right back out there. He just looked SO energized and ON tonight, and it paid off with him scoring his first of this year’s playoffs. You know when guys are having a great night and seem to always be in the right place at the right time? If for some reason you’re watching a Bertuzzi-cam all the time, then, uh, no, you don’t. But anyway, that was Cleary tonight. He has to keep it up.

Abdelkader had another solid game too (just please, no more fights. Leave that to May. Oh wait.), as did Franzen and Datsyuk and all the usual suspects. Really, upon reflecting, we played really well and deserved a better outcome. WHICH IS WHY THIS LOSS IS SO FREAKING FRUSTRATING AND ANNOYING!

So, next game is Sunday, 8 p.m. est. In the meantime, I’ll be cheering for Les Habitants, the Flyers (Danny Briere is my boooyyyy!), and scowling at both the Canucks and Hawks (hatehatehahtehahtehahet). Who am I kidding, it’s always a love song when it comes to me and hockey.


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